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Generative Production of 3D Components in Finished Part Quality

DMG MORI offers LASERTEC 65 3D, a hybrid machine built to incorporate generative laser deposition welding into a 5-axis milling machine. "In times of shorter product life cycles and increasingly complex and more individualized components, generative manufacturing processes can help companies produce new and innovative products more quickly," said a company spokesperson. "Generative manufacturing processes enable the production of complex geometries and workpieces. With the LASERTEC 65 3D, DMG MORI offers a hybrid solution for combined laser deposition welding and 5-axis milling. The machine uses a deposition process by means of a powder nozzle.

"The market for additive processes has been growing rapidly, but up to now, these processes have been restricted to the production of prototypes and small parts which could not otherwise have been manufactured using conventional methods. With the combination of the two processes, metal deposition / additive manufacturing (AM) and metal removal / subtractive manufacturing (SM), on one machine, additive technology complements and enhances traditional machining methods."

To enable generative manufacturing, the LASERTEC 65 3D is equipped with a 2 kW diode laser for laser deposition welding. The 5-axis milling machine in monoBLOCK design is built to carry out accurate milling operations. "Due to the fully automatic changeover between milling and laser operation, the LASERTEC 65 3D is suitable for the complete machining of complex components with undercuts as well as for repair work and the application of partial or complete coatings for moldmaking and mechanical engineering or even medical engineering," said Friedemann Lell, Sales Director at SAUER LASERTEC.

Producing Large Parts

In contrast to laser melting in a powder bed, laser deposition welding enables large parts to be manufactured using a metal powder nozzle, according to the company. "With a deposition rate of up to 1 kg/h / 2.2 lbs./h, this process is up to 10 times faster than the laser generation of parts in a powder bed," said the spokesperson. "The combination with milling opens up new applications. The component can be built up in several steps, whereby milling can be interspersed with deposition welding in order to allow areas which the cutter would no longer be able to reach when the component is finished due to component geometry to be machined to final accuracy."

According to the company, the hybrid machine combines the advantages of milling, such as high precision and surface quality, with the flexibility and high deposition rate of powder deposition welding. "In the case of integral components, where today 95% of the material is removed by milling, with additive processes material is only built up where it is needed," said Lell. "This leads to significant savings in raw materials and costs."

The laser, complete with powder deposition head, is fitted into the HSK toolholder of the milling spindle. It is designed to be automatically parked in a secure docking station while milling operations are being carried out on the machine. The machine and process are operated and controlled with the new 21.5" ERGOline control with CELOS and Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solution line.

Producing 3D Contours

Using a laser diode, the metal powder is deposited in layers onto a base material and fused without pores or cracks, according to the company. The metal powder is intended to form a high-strength welded bond with the surface. A coaxial inert gas should prevent oxidation during the build-up process. After cooling, a layer of metal forms which can then be mechanically machined.

"As laser deposition welding has long been established as a stand-alone technology, it is ideal for incorporation into DMG MORI's CNC machines," said the spokesperson. "The combination of chip-removal and additive processes will become more important in the future as it opens up so many new options and advantages for the user," said Lell.

According to the company, one strength of this process is the option of successively building up layers of different materials. "Wall thicknesses of 0.1-5 mm / 0.004-0.2 inches are possible depending on the laser and nozzle geometry," said the spokesperson. "Even complex 3D contours can be generated without any support structures."

The company stated that the individual layers can then be accurately machined before the areas become inaccessible to a cutter or other tools due to component geometry. "The combination of the two processes is a sensible choice for repair work and the production of tools and molds," said the spokesperson. "However, it also offers many interesting options for lightweight components, prototypes or small series production, particularly in the large-part manufacturing sector where other additive manufacturing processes cannot be used due to space limitations."

Cutting Costs

According to the company, large machines - such as those used for machining bulky components in the energy or aerospace industries - tend to be expensive. "The possibility of carrying out roughing, deposition and finishing on a single machine presents a financially advantageous solution for the customer," said the spokesperson. "Another example is the energy and oil industry where components often must be coated with corrosion-resistant alloys to protect them against wear. Deposition welding provides protection for products such as pipes, fittings, flanges and special constructions which are used in aggressive environments. With a hybrid solution, machining of the base material, coating and finishing can be carried out on one machine. This results in cost savings and a reduction in throughput times."

Technical Data

Features of the LASERTEC 65 3D include the following:

Feasibility of complete 3D components with diameters up to 500 mm / 19.7 inches without supporting geometry

Travels (X / Y / Z, mm / inches): 650 / 650 / 560 // 25.6 / 25.6 / 22.0

Max. speed (RPM): 10,000 / 24,000 optional

Drive power (40 / 100% DC, kW / HP): 13 / 9 // 17.4 / 12.1

Torque (40 / 100% DC, Nm / ft-lbs.): 83 / 57 // 61.2 / 42.0

Rapid traverse (m/minute / IPM): 24 / 944.9

Feed force maximum (kN / lbf.): 6 / 1,348.9

Clamping surface (mm / inches): 650 mm / 25.6

Table load maximum (kg / lbs.): 600 / 1,000 optional // 1,322.8 / 2,204.6

B-axis swivel range: +120° / -120°

Maximum number of tools: 120.

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