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Vibration Detecting System

Caron Engineering's DTect-IT is designed to detect vibration irregularities anywhere on a CNC machine.

Caron Engineering's newest product, DTect-IT, is designed to assess the health of machines. Simple to install, the USB sensors can attach to any area of concern on a CNC machine, and the sensor data is instantly graphed on a display PC. This application runs standalone or integrates with the CNC control, allows the user to set limits and connects to any Windows PC with an available USB port.

The motivation for developing this application stemmed from customers' need to easily detect bar feeder vibration near the main spindle on a lathe. If a bent bar is introduced to the bar feeder, it will have excessive vibration. Using DTect-IT and attaching the vibration sensor near the main spindle, the vibration can be detected. The vibration level can be sent to the CNC control in a macro variable to be interrogated. If vibration is excessive, the spindle RPM can be reduced until the vibration level is acceptable to make good parts. If the RPM has to be reduced too much, and parts cannot be cut, an alarm can be generated to inform an operator to remove the bar.

In addition to detecting bar feeder vibration, DTect-IT can monitor vibration of any part of the machine tool or fixture.

Additional features and options:

  • Bearing analysis: By measuring spindle vibration, DTect-IT can monitor bearing health for analysis. The vibration signal analyzes the acceleration value, which indicates the health of the bearings, and the velocity, which detects misalignment, imbalance or looseness. This application will generate and save reports over time for analysis.
  • Crash detection: Using a vibration sensor, DTect-IT will recognize when set control limits are exceeded, identifying a crash. This application indicates and time-stamps machine crashes, and records 30 seconds of data on either side of the crash for future analysis.
  • Force monitoring: Strain gauge sensors can be connected and used to measure very small amounts of force. This can be used to monitor the force of machine tools or components so that corrective action may be taken.

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