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Dynamic Distribution of Machining Operations

Fagor Automation USA Corporation has introduced the dynamic distribution of machining operations (DINDIST) feature for multi-channel (path) Fagor 8065 CNCs.

"The 8065 CNC is a high-speed CNC built for demanding, high-performance machining center applications with not just 5-axes machining capability, but also applications requiring multiple interpolated paths (channels), such as multi-turret turning centers," said a company spokesperson.

This feature allows the programming of the part program in a single channel, thus all program code is contained within a single part program. "The alternative is individual programs for each channel, thus requiring confusing opening and closing of programs for editing functions," said the spokesperson. The CNC is then in charge of distributing and synchronizing the machining passes with the other channels automatically. DINDIST may be configured according to the specific machining requirements so operators can prioritize between machining speed and depth of cuts. On machines equipped with a single spindle, this feature allows the CNC to prioritize and share the spindle for each channel based upon the requirements of the program code spindle speed requirements.

"Allowing the CNC to do this not only simplifies the process for the programmer and operator, but also reduces cycle times due to less wasted spindle time," said the spokesperson. "The 8065 CNC also lets users select a milling or lathe interface of machines that combine both modes. With the 8065 CNC, simply press a designated key or execute a program line to select the correct configuration for the job at hand. As a complement to that work interface, a wide selection of turning and milling canned cycles are available that can be utilized separately or together within the same program in a DINDIST environment."

An additional feature includes the mid-program restart capability. In long machining operations, if the machine stops unexpectedly due to external causes such as a power outage or tool breakage, recovering the unfinished part can pose a significant challenge. With the 8065 CNC, this problem is resolved by resuming the program from the point the program was interrupted without having to re-run the entire program to the point of stoppage by utilizing an automatic block search. At that point, simply resume machining. If damage or imperfections were evident before the tool breakage point, the operator can simulate the CNC to any point in the program and resume machining from that point. The CNC then provides the program resume position automatically, including the MST functions status.

Complementing this capability is the tool inspection mode, in which tool offsets or tool wear compensation can be edited at any point in the program by interrupting the program execution and entering the tool inspection mode. This mode allows the operator to back away from the part to a safety position to inspect the tool and then make any offset changes right then. The CNC is capable of automatically re-positioning the machine to the interrupted position. MDI commands are available in an intentional or non-intentional CNC interrupt condition right from the execution mode. This simplifies program recovery and safety concerns for the operator in program interrupt conditions.

The Fagor 8065 CNC is an industrial hardened PC based control that has the ability to control up to 28 axes, four spindles with four interpolation channels and is available with a variety of monitor and keyboard configurations.


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