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Straight-Cut Control for Milling, Drilling, Boring Machines

Heidenhain has launched a straight-cut CNC control, the TNC 128. "User-friendly and intuitive best describe this new control designed for use with milling, drilling and boring machines," said a company spokesperson.

The TNC 128 can assist the user during program creation with "help" graphics, practical prompts, machining cycles and cycles for coordinate transformation. Additionally, the NC conversational keys on the TNC operating panel are designed to make program entry more convenient than its predecessor.

The TNC 128 is a compact, straight-cut control featuring an integrated 12.1" TFT color flat-panel display. The screen, TNC and machine operating panels, as well as the main computer with Celeron Dual Core 1.4 GHz CPU, are all housed in one unit in the stainless-steel operating panel. Cables between the components are not required.

The TNC 128 can control up to four axes and one spindle; if the spindle is configured in an open loop, the TNC 128 can control up to five axes. Also, the TNC 128 permits the connection of touch probes and edge finders, including the Heidenhain tool touch probe for tool measurement, the TT 140.

A PLC basic program adapted to the machine with the PLCdesign PLC development software is also available for the TNC 128.

The TNC 128 control's integrated Ethernet interface allows quick and easy connection into a company network ensuring efficient data transmission, according to the company. Internet access is also available. Input units, display units and removable storage media are connected to the TNC 128 via the USB interface (2 x USB 3.0 on the rear side, 1 x USB 2.0 on the front). The memory card features 2 GB CFR.

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