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February 2014

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Controls for Aerospace at AERODEF
Portable Second-Op Machining Center at AeroDef
Mazak Webinar Links CAM Software and Multitasking Efficiency
Abakan to Develop Coatings for Small Diameter Pipe Market
AEC Joins with CRU for Aluminum Industry Conference
MTConnect Institute and OPC Foundation Announce MTConnect-OPC UA Companion
Arthur Machinery-Florida to Represent Firetrace Suppression Systems
Benteler SteelTube Breaks Ground in Louisiana
Burr Oak Tool Participates In U.S. Manufacturing Presentation
New Technology and Talent for Central Tube and Bar
CMSC 2013 Measurement Study Report
DMG MORI Open House Pfronten 2014 Preview
General Commissioner of EMO MILANO 2015 Appointed
Surface Oil Belt Skimmers
Inspection Systems for Measurement of Cylinder Heads
Smallest CAPTO Interface
FANUC Merges Operations into a Single Corporation
X-Ray Fluorescence Technology for Coatings
New Model 5-Axis Precision Mill-and-Trim Vertical Gantry Mill
Fusion Tech Achieves ISO-9000 Certification
Hardinge Sells Swiss Workholding Business
Hartwig Establishes Toll-Free Number for Machine Parts
Hartwig Inc. Establishes Toll-Free Numbers for Machine Parts and EDM Supplies
Hurco Introduces New Horizontal Boring Mill
IRMCO Receives Ford Approval
Island University Designated by FAA as Unmanned Aircraft System Test Site
Versatile Mobile Surface Measurement
Lapham-Hickey Steel Acquires Industrial Spring Steel
CAMPATLeadwell Crotts and Saunders Announce Exclusive Distributorship Agreement
Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap
College Bridging the Skills Gap in Manufacturing
Makino 2014 Online Seminar Schedule
5-Axis Machining at AeroDef
Single Spindle Single Turret Multitasking Turning Center
MSC Adds More Than 15000 Kennametal Cutting Tools
New STEP Converter Integrated Within NCL
Tooling for Advanced Materials
Robotically Tended Cellular Parts Washer
Addressing Metalworking Challenges
Southwest Heat Treat Summit
Rigid 5-Axis VMC
Shigiya Establishes New U.S. Headquarters
AeroDef Manufacturing Summit and Exposition 2014
Bulky Part Machining
New Trussville AL Office and Manufacturing Facility
New Laser Cutting Technology
UNITED GRINDING Schedules North American Tour for STUDER S11
VeroSURFCAM and CGTech Announce Software Integration
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MTConnect Institute and OPC Foundation Announce MTConnect-OPC UA Companion

The MTConnect Institute and the OPC Foundation have announced the availability of the MTConnect-OPC UA (Unified Architecture) Companion specification release candidate (RC).

"The MTConnect-OPC UA companion specification has been developed to ensure a uniform information model that can be utilized via the MTConnect standard and the OPC UA standard," said Paul Warndorf, Secretary of the MTConnect Institute and Vice President of Manufacturing Technology at AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology. "This information model can be used by manufacturing technology equipment, devices, software or other products that implement our standards."

"MTConnect is an open, royalty-free communications standard intended to foster greater interoperability between manufacturing equipment, devices and software applications thereby harnessing a wealth of information and data available from the shop floor," said a spokesperson. "The OPC UA standard provides secure, reliable, high-speed communications. It is the result of the collaboration of the leading worldwide automation suppliers. The OPC UA specification defines a standard set of interfaces, methods and an extensible set of objects for use in process control and manufacturing automation applications to facilitate interoperability."

"The MTConnect-OPC UA companion standard will allow the extensive existing information model provided by MTConnect to be leveraged by existing OPC UA Systems at the enterprise level," said Tom Burke, OPC Foundation President and Executive Director. "OPC UA is a standard that is built on the result of the collaboration of a number of leading worldwide automation suppliers."

In September 2010, the MTConnect Institute and the OPC Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together to provide a mechanism for OPC and MTConnect to collaborate to extend the reach of the existing manufacturing data exchange standards and implementation technologies. In doing so, the two organizations agreed to work together to:

  • Evolve the existing standards for each organization to provide complete manufacturing technology interoperability
  • Provide the mechanism for continuous improvement of standards and specifications overseen by each body
  • Work directly with the end users and suppliers of technology and manufacturing
  • Provide a coordinating function to exchange insights, identify overlaps and harmonize work where appropriate
  • Facilitate clear communication and education for users and others concerning possible overlaps and the ways the standards and specifications can be used
  • Provide a solid foundation to develop and deliver specifications, technology and processes to facilitate adoption of the technology into real products.

In the interest of wide and rapid adoption by vendors of equipment and software, the MTConnect-OPC UA Companion specification is designed with the following goals in mind: incremental adoption, evolution, customizability and non-proprietary in nature. "The technical barrier to MTConnect-OPC UA enablement will be greatly reduced with this companion specification. The MTConnect-OPC UA Companion specification provides a uniform information model that can be shared by both standards," said Paul Hunkar, President of DSInteroperability, a key developer of the companion specification. "The information model can incrementally evolve without jeopardizing backward compatibility of previous MTConnect-OPC UA versions. It is customizable and extensible." MTConnect-OPC UA's extensibility is designed to make it easy to create value-added software and tools that are equipment-specific or installation-specific, without jeopardizing compatibility with other equipment or software. "The specification includes descriptions of use cases demonstrating the added benefits of providing the companion standard," said Hilena Hailu, Manufacturing Technology Project Manager for AMT-The Association for Manufacturing Technology, overseer of the effort.

Lastly, the specification is built on open standards, backed by both the MTConnect Institute and the OPC Foundation, which represent hundreds of companies, individuals, government organizations and non-profits, all working toward the goal of increased productivity in manufacturing. The MTConnect-OPC UA Companion specification is based on and fully compatible with MTConnect v1.2 and OPC UA version 1.02.

The MTConnect-OPC UA Companion Specification RC is available for download from MTConnect Institute's Companion Specifications page. It provides details about how to harness the MTConnect and OPC UA specifications, allowing software developers to implement MTConnect and OPC UA to enable greater interoperability.

For more information contact:

The MTConnect Institute

The OPC Foundation

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