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Round Fine Centering System Now Has Longer Version

The Agathon Round Fine Centering System designed to provide accurate backlash-free mold alignment now has a new longer version available from Agathon Machine Tools.

"The system is engineered to provide shorter cycle times, accurate radial bearing side locking, high durability for mass production applications and high initial load capacity," said a company spokesperson. "The new design allows for pre-centering of the mold halves for a gentle and synchronous close and 50% more centered travel on mold separation so injection molded parts are removed without any damage. In addition, this unique concept does not limit using the system to the four corners of a mold. The mold maker can place the unit where there will be more of a deflection providing greater rigidity, improved opening and closure and less wear.

"The Round Fine Centering System features no noticeable wear and can be used in clean rooms as well as high precision multi cavity molds. The new brass roller cage allows for various cleaning methods and can also resist temperatures up to 340 °F."

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