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Zero-Point Clamping System

"ROHM Products of America developed its Power-Grip zero-point clamping system to help manufacturers minimize machine downtime due to workpiece clamping. A palletization system, Power-Grip is designed to provide an effective means to increase productivity by streamlining set-ups," said a company spokesperson.

As a modular system, Power-Grip is built to meet manufacturers' demand for customizable solutions to maximize machine utilization. It reduces both the number of set-ups required per part, as well as allowing set-up to take place outside of the machine, thus eliminating downtime.

"In addition to boosting productivity, ROHM's Power-Grip allows a workpiece to proceed through multiple machining processes without losing its zero point," said the spokesperson. "The system uses corrosion-resistant hardware engineered for all machine environments, allowing it to be transferred from machining to electrical discharge machining (EDM) to measurement and inspection, all while maintaining excellent accuracy." Power-Grip's cushioned, conical centering with a leveling system achieves accuracy of +/- 0.002 mm, even with thermal changes.

Power-Grip can be incorporated with a variety of ROHM standard clamping devices, allowing for flexible integration.

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