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Online Catalog with Interactive 3-D Visualization by CADENAS PARTsolutions

CeaseFire, a Vancouver, WA, based manufacturer of fire-suppression systems, recently launched an all-new online product catalog, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions. The new catalog simplifies the search and selection of CeaseFire products by delivering interactive 3-D visualization directly within the product pages. These new digital tools enable designers and engineers to more quickly and accurately select the correct CeaseFire product for their specific application. The catalog also offers on-demand 2-D and 3-D CAD downloads available in more than 150 formats.

"The challenge for CeaseFire was to help its customers choose the right product for their application. Its products, often identified as the red cylinders seen in industrial and commercial spaces, look similar even though they are different shapes and sizes," said Cody Kitterman, Production Manager at CeaseFire.

"Formerly, customers had a tough time gauging size and scale of our products, which made selecting the correct part for their application difficult too. We would provide dimensions but often that was not enough. Sometimes we would end up sending physical samples, which is very inefficient and costly," said Kitterman. "Now, the customer gets to digitally `touch and feel' the product before they buy. The instant 3-D visualization is a great way to preview the product, and the native 3-D CAD model is the perfect way to test it digitally in a specific environment."

CeaseFire is best known for its dry fire suppression systems, which can be retrofit into nearly any space. While CeaseFire has offered placement assistance for its products in the past, this was via 2-D location diagram. It was up to the customer to model the specific product in their CAD application if they wanted to integrate a 3-D model into their larger design. Now, engineers and designers can preview the product from any angle and download a digital model, in more than 150 formats, directly from the CeaseFire website.

"CeaseFire is innovating within the fire and safety industry by modernizing the customer experience with cutting-edge digital tools," said Jay Hopper, COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions.

"We love helping forward thinking companies like CeaseFire transform its business and take a leading role in its industry," adds Hopper. "By putting innovative digital tools in the hands of its customers, CeaseFire is increasing customer satisfaction, which will drive demand and sales into the future."

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