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RÖHM Spotlights Custom Products for Set-Up Time Reduction at SOUTH-TEC

RÖHM Products of America will exhibit at SOUTH-TEC 2017 innovative products that slash set up times down to 60 seconds or less in most instances, according to a company spokesperson. These  workholding solutions will include the CAPTIS, DURO-NCSE, AGILIS and Power-Grip systems.

SOUTH-TEC will be October 24-26 in Greenville, SC.

RÖHM, exhibiting at Booth 1809, will feature a range of other products from small drill chucks, centers, vises and manual chucks to power chucks, a large 1.6-meter chuck and steady rests.

For manufacturers wishing to maximize production while reducing set up times, the modular CAPTIS workpiece clamping system provides a wide range of workholding options for turning, milling and drilling applications. It features a forward-thinking quickchange capability that permits conversion from external to internal clamping in less than a minute. The system generates strong clamping forces without deformation of delicate workpieces while offering high repeatability and minimal runout.

As a quick-acting jaw change system, RÖHM’s DURO-NCSE power chuck incorporates specially designed jaws that unlock individually for easy handling/changeover and fast set up. The DURO-NCSE accommodates large, workpiece-specific customized jaws and operators can offset, exchange or turn the jaws with minimal effort. The chuck is available in a variety of sizes and with several jaw options to tailor-fit many applications.

Another productivity booster at RÖHM’s booth will be the lightweight, compact AGILIS power-operated cartridge mandrel clamping system. This new mandrel provides consistent, rigid workpiece ID clamping of very small diameters for grinding, turning, milling, drilling and measuring applications. The AGILIS’s mandrels axially draw in workpieces against a rigid workstop to secure workpieces as small as 10 mm in diameter and with concentricity tolerances well within 0.01 mm.

For individual part and low-volume workpiece clamping, the RÖHM Power-Grip modular zero-point clamping system fulfills the requirements of customer-specific solutions with the utilization of machine capacity. Instead of interrupting production to set up parts, shops can clamp and position workpieces on a pallet outside the machine tool that allows it to keep working. Set-up time is reduced to the time it takes to load and unload the pallets.

RÖHM will also have application specialists on hand at SOUTH-TEC to discuss how the company’s workholding technologies can help increase productivity and reduce set up times on lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers or grinders, regardless of industry application.

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