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Precision Ground Machine-Ready Blanks

DIX Metals supplies standard precision ground machine-ready blanks, available in aluminum and stainless steel. Its precision-ground, prefabricated blanks can be machined or milled to tight-tolerance specifications.

Due to DIX Metals' ability to grind to tight tolerance specifications, customers can begin production right away, without having to saw, grind, square or flatten. "Instead of wasting valuable time adjusting set-ups, the user can load blanks directly into each machine, allowing the user to focus attention on the processes that make business profitable. Take advantage of our machine-ready blanks and gain competitive advantage by increasing efficiency and reducing production times," said a company spokesperson. The blanks arrive with tolerances as close as ± 0.001" dimensionally and flat, square and parallel w/.001". "This level of quality and consistency yields easier clamping and eliminates concerns over end mill taper. With no need for second operation fixtures, the user saves spindle time and reduces scrap," said the spokesperson.

"With over 50 machines in its shop, DIX consistently updates with the newest technology to ensure the most efficient production of precision ground machine-ready blanks in the industry," added the spokesperson. "We continuously invest in equipment and technology to enhance production of an enhanced product. We consider these investments a commitment to our customers, because it means the user will benefit from cutting-edge technology operated by a team of dedicated professionals."

DIX Metals' choice of equipment allows it to specialize in the production of precision, made-to-order metal blanks. All standard blanks in both aluminum and stainless steel are in stock and ready to ship. Custom sizes can be produced quickly to order. "Our range of production machinery makes it possible to produce machine-ready blanks quickly, accurately and more economically than any in-house operation," said the spokesperson.

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