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Microset - Presetting Made Easy

"Haimer's new Microset tool presetting equipment streamlines tool setting processes, reducing set up times by as much as 70%, thereby minimizing idle time and increasing machine utilization," said a company spokesperson.

HAIMER USA will feature its Microset tool presetting machines along with all core HAIMER products and technologies.

"In the U.S., time is the most expensive component of the manufacturing process," said a company spokesperson. "Tool set-up prior to any job represents a significant portion of this time, which is why tool presetters represent a cost savings for any shop - they speed up the tool setting process.

"Microset tool presetting equipment streamlines user's tool setting processes, reducing set-up times by as much as 70%, thereby minimizing idle time and increasing machine utilization."

Some key differentiators that are unique to HAIMER Microset tool presetting machines are:

  • Absolute ease of use (turn it on and go)
  • Uncomplicated software (no software engineering degree required)
  • Stable base construction (cast iron, not aluminum).

"HAIMER offers a wide range of tool presetting equipment under the Microset banner that will fit every application and budget," said the spokesperson. "The HAIMER UNO Series includes high-tech features not usually seen in entry-level tool presetters - in addition to having the highest precision, speed and reliability. For maximum convenience and functionality, the VIO Series offers absolute reliability with high quality components."

Other technologies and products figuring prominently in Haimer's SOUTH-TEC exhibit are the Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machines, HAIMER Shrink Fit toolholders and collet chucks, Tool Dynamic Balancing Machines, HAIMER Safe-Lock and Duo-Lock technologies, HAIMER 3-D sensors and HAIMER cool flash coolant delivery system.

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