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WM 250 - 8000 Whirling Machine for Maximum Precision

Burgsmüller WM 250 - 8000 whirling machine - maximum precision over a machining length of 6,250 mm

Burgsmüller L 3.4 whirling attachment with high torque for the use of state-of-the-art cutting materials

Burgsmüller offers the new WM 250 - 8000 whirling machine with a machining length of 6,250 mm and the L 3.4 whirling attachment. "For companies specializing in metal cutting technology, the key to enhanced competitiveness is increasing their processing flexibility. This is achieved above all by cost-effective and premium-quality whirling machines designed for a wide range of products such as spindles, nuts, pump rotors or screws and screw elements as well as crank and cam shafts," said Jens Biel, Chief Executive Officer at Burgsmüller.

The new whirling machine gives users enhanced precision during hard whirling of ball screw spindles over the entire machining length with a maximum ± 7µm pitch diameter tolerance. A third prism-jaw self-centering steady rest, with user-selectable position, fixes and centers the free end of the bar stock, while the spindle axis is kept free so that the bars can be pushed through it. The 90° chip conveyor removes the chips from the spindle axis and additionally facilitates through-loading of material in order to whirl spindles of any length using the repositioning process. Integrated measuring systems monitor the fitting in the already whirled thread during repositioning. In addition, the whirling attachments can be equipped with a controlled A-axis (inclination adjustment), so that the angle of inclination of the whirling attachment follows the changing pitch angle during the machining process.

Burgsmüller offers its L 3.4 whirling attachment equipped with a high-performance torque motor. Due to the inclination system, this whirling attachment can be swiveled according to the average pitch angle of the thread to be manufactured. Burgsmüller tailors the tool system to specific customer requirements.

"Our whirling machines ensure cost-effectiveness even in single-item production and are an ideal solution for small and medium-volume series. The highly precise machining process reliably guarantees reproducible results. Because our equipment comes in different sizes and variants it can be adapted to diverse applications," said Biel.

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