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CAD Electrode Module Makes Die-Sinking Electrodes Fast, Easy

Dialog window for electrode machining in hyperMILL

Toolpaths for electrode production

hyperCAD-S Electrode module for quickly designing electrodes

CAM manufacturer OPEN MIND Technologies AG offers hyperCAD-S Electrode, an innovative module for automating the design and production of electrodes for die-sinking. hyperCAD-S is an integrated CAD software module for hyperMILL users that is specifically tailored to the requirements of CAM programmers, providing quick designing of die-sinking electrodes. Due to the module's convenient, automated process, users can simply locate electrodes on the face to be die-sunk within the component geometry with no special expertise required.

After the NC programmer selects the faces and target geometry, the CAD software automatically extends the electrode faces as needed, as well as selects the blank and holder from a library. The module is suitable for both solid and face models, and the geometry can be selected via faces as well as contours. Any holes in the geometry are filled automatically and hyperCAD-S also calculates the minimal rib distance, the blank's excess and the C angle offset. All technology data, such as spark gap, blank size, positional reference and color areas, are automatically transferred to hyperMILL CAM for further processing. The user simply selects the electrode in question and commences programming. A separate dialog window is available, where the milling job for the electrode is specified. Once all the details are entered, hyperMILL automatically generates a job list containing the relevant parameters.

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