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The Next Generation of Digital Microscopes

Vision Engineering Inc. has announced the EVO Cam II, a digital microscope designed with new features to improve image quality and enhance user productivity.

Major enhancements include the system's ability to offer up to 300x optical magnification, 12x digital zoom (combined magnification up to 3,600x), customizable overlays to aid inspection, up to 10 pre-set settings for reduced set-up time and the option to save images wirelessly. In addition, a newly designed user interface allows for ease of use and more control over the camera settings.

The EVO Cam II comes equipped with dimensioning capabilities using a grid overlay in the X- and Y-axis. The large zoom range allows users to measure different sized components without the need for multiple systems. When using a custom pre-set, the user can save different calibrations at set zoom positions for rapid dimensioning results.

Like the EVO Cam, launched in 2015, EVO Cam II is built with quality optics and captures live video streaming and high quality images at full HD 1080p/60fps, resulting in no motion blur when manipulating samples.

For additional clarity, EVO Cam II features an 8-point LED ring light and optional sub-stage lighting, to create a shadow free and optimum viewing environment for a variety of components.

Specifically designed for quality control, testing, inspection and documentation, EVO Cam II can be mounted to a range of stands to suit the production environment and application. A floating stage is available for using EVO Cam II with fragile samples, flat subjects where focus does not need to change or where contamination by handling must be avoided. The optional rotating viewer delivers direct and oblique views of the subject that can be rotated 360° around a central point, giving users a fast and simple way to inspect all the way around a component without holding it.

For more information contact:

Vision Engineering Inc.

570 Danbury Road

New Milford, CT 06776


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