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July 2018

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Safety PLC Features Hot-Swap Capabilities for in-the-Field Replacement
Combined Oil MistOil Smoke Filter
Fume Extraction Gun Brand Name Change
On-Site Safety Shower and Eyewash Site Surveys Ensure ANSIISEA Z358.1 Compliance
Portable Dust Collector for Light Production Welding Applications
Powered Respiratory Products
Solution for Verifying Employee Training
Safety Hook for Lifting Bell Furnaces
Safety Air Gun for Cleaning Inside Diameters
Track and Manage PPE Inventory
Line of Heavy-Duty Work Boots
Overhead Crane Warning LED Spotlight
Runway Survey Safeguards People and Equipment
Forklift LED Warning Light
Smart Process Gating
New Lightweight Exoskeleton
Welding Helmet Features New Lens Technology
Filter Kits for Quality Air Breathing Systems
Powered Air Purifying Respirator with Welding Helmet
Dipped Gloves Improve Safety and Dexterity on the Jobsite
Simplifying Safety with Absence of Voltage Tester
Expanded Lineup of Safety Works Brand Respirators
Protection from Coolant Swarf Particles
Portable Evaporative Cooler
Portable Dock Lifts Require No Pit
Bringing 3-D Foot-Mapped Technology to Work Footwear
Upgraded Encoder-Based Safety Control System
Industrial Vacuums for the Safe Removal of Silica Dust
Compact Status Indicator
Mobile Emergency Pendant Offers New Capabilities
Power Air Respiratory System
Hopper Height Extensions Increase Safety and Capacity
All-In-One Ergonomic Magnifier
Wildeck Awarded Patent for Open Gate Alarm System

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Industrial Vacuums for the Safe Removal of Silica Dust

"All Ruwac vacuum cleaners recommended for silica dust removal comply with the latest OSHA standards for worker safety while featuring filtration innovative technology that can be custom tailored to suit individual needs," said a company spokesperson. These industrial vacuums are suitable for use with vacuum-assist tools.

Features and benefits of the vacuum include:

  • Foot-actuated dustpans or newly redesigned direct bagging collection systems allow for easy, dust-free emptying while reducing user exposure to contaminants
  • Dust collectors feature CFMs recommended by the manufacturer for the specific equipment being operated
  • Recommended vacuums meet 25 CFM / inch of blade per OSHA's requirement for handheld grinders
  • MicroClean filter is compliant to OSHA's silica dust standards at 99% efficient at 0.5 microns, preventing filter clogs and cutting down on costly filter replacements
  • Equipped with a manual filter cleaning mechanism that easily keep the filters clean in between processes
  • Optional HEPA Maxx is MERV 18 at 99.997% at 0.3 microns and compliant to OSHA's silica dust standards
  • Optional HEPA 2.0 is MERV 17 at 99.97% @ 0.3 microns and compliant to OSHA's silica dust standards.

For more information contact:

Ruwac USA

54 Winter St.

Holyoke, MA 01041


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