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August 2018

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Robotics for Machine Tool Tending
Robot and Loader Enable Lights-Out Manufacturing
Manual Tool Changer for Cobots
Automated Cells for Machine Tending
Turn-Key Fiber Laser Systems for Direct Part Marking
High-Speed Milling Machine with Touchscreen Machine Control
Semi-Automatic StructurALL Saw
New Dual Spindle Thread Grinder
Turn-Key Grinding Solutions
Connected Digital Ecosystems Automated Welding and Plasma Cutting
Gehring Merges with copperING for Powertrain Production
Hard Scudding Shaping New Horizons in Gear Production
Innovative Hydraulic Press Solutions
Offline Robot Programming
High-Speed Low-Payload Robots
CNC Cycle Lathe for Flexible Single-Part and Batch Production of Workpieces
Modular Pallet Handling System
Science and Innovation in Grinding Systems
Grinding Wheel Technology Provides Precision Productivity
Gear Grinding Platform Includes Dual-Worm Wheels
Form Grinder with Optional Ball Screw Table Drive
Versatility of Waterjet Cutting Technology Showcased
5-Axis CNC Grinder with Extended X- and Y-Axis Paths
Hydraulic Ironworkers and Fully-Automatic Programmable Saws
Metal Injection Molding Capabilities
Machine Tool Cutting Tool and Tool Services Solutions
Drill-to-Finish Bore Solution Skiving and Roller Burnishing System
Line of Fine-Grinding Machines Expands
New Transor Filter Designed for Linear Motors
New Additive Manufacturing Technology
New 5-Axis Cutter Grinder System
Grinding Innovations for Todays Challenges
Cobots with Built-in ForceTorque Sensor
New Robots and Advanced Manufacturing Solutions
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Turn-Key Grinding Solutions

When manufacturing small components with a diameter of between 2 and 20 mm, the Grindstar grinding machine from Junker offers an economical alternative to turning.

All work steps take place on one machine in a single clamping set-up. This enhances process reliability and minimizes machine downtime.

With its new Zema corundum grinding machines, JUNKER is now also offering efficient solutions for conventional grinding.

The corundum grinding machine Flexa solves up to three grinding assignments with precision: internal and external grinding as well as thread grinding.


The JUNKER Group will present grinding machines from JUNKER and ZEMA together with the latest in air filtration technology from LTA. As a complete supplier in the grinding sector, the JUNKER Group offers turn-key solutions to suit the customers' needs, from individual machines to complete production lines.

"We developed and relaunched the GRINDSTAR and NUMERIKA machine for the North American market," said a company spokesperson. "Customers and their processes benefit from our experience, advice and technology. We respond flexibly to specifications and optimize solutions until we have fulfilled requirements. The advantages for our customers are clear, we adapt our machines to suit customers' needs because we are willing and able to do so. This means that ultimately almost every machine tool is tailor-made."

Replace Turning with Grinding

Booth visitors can experience live grinding demonstrations daily on the GRINDSTAR. "The GRINDSTAR machine concept replaces turning through the use of dressing-free high-speed plunge-cut grinding. This can open up enormous potential for savings, in particular when working with large production volumes. The GRINDSTAR is an economical alternative to turning for any difficult-to-machine workpiece in high volume and complex outer contours," said a company spokesperson.

Highlights of the GRINDSTAR include:

  • Minimal piece costs as a result of:
    • Shorter manufacturing time due to contour plunge grinding
    • Long grinding wheel life leading to minimal tooling cost
    • Higher precision
    • High process reliability
    • Simultaneous grinding of entire part contour including ends
  • Reduced downtimes
    • Customer-specific process and technology configuration
    • Grinding of difficult-to-machine, hard and soft materials possible
    • Low-manned, 24/7 lights out production cost benefits due to grinding directly from bar stock
    • No burrs and enhanced cut off face.

Cylindrical Grinding with the ZEMA NUMERIKA GH 1000

"Versatile, rugged, long-life - the cylindrical grinding machines of the Numerika series meet any requirements for the series production of a broad range of workpieces; in the largest version up to a length of 3.7 m," said the spokesperson. A torsion-resistant machine bed, hydrostatic guides and grinding spindles mounted on rolling or hydrostatic bearings provide for enhanced grinding results. The user-friendly control system offers all required input screens for grinding with corundum.

Highlights of the ZEMA NUMERIKA platforms:

  • Hydrostatic guideways and spindles
  • Workpieces ranging from small fuel injection components to 3.7 m long shafts
  • In-process and/or post-process measurement.

Filtration Technology by LTA

Filtration solution specialist LTA will be presenting its compact oil and emulsion mist filter BASIC line.

Highlights of the BASIC line:

  • Effective suction capacity: up to 1,200 cubic meter/hour
  • Can be mounted directly to the machine
  • Low energy requirement due to the use of fans in compliance with the ERP Directive.

In addition, LTA will be showing its oil and emulsion mist filter AC 2000 Solid, characterized by its service life and low-maintenance requirements.

Highlights of the AC 2000 solid:

  • Solid matter filter with high filtration efficiency
  • Effective suction capacity: up to 2,500 cubic meter/hour (capable of modular upgrading to 10,000 cubic meter/hour)
  • Low-maintenance solution.

For more information contact:

Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc.

2541 Technology Drive, #410

Elgin, IL 60124


IMTS 2018 Level 3, Booth N-236839

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