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CNC for Tool Room Applications

"The new ProtoTRAK RMX CNC revolutionizes the popular ProtoTRAK style of machines designed for tool room applications," said a TRAK spokesperson. "The user experience is transformed through a touchscreen interface that brings digital manufacturing to life. Context sensitive help delivers instructions the instant they are needed to make the most of the advanced capability. Bulleted text, diagrams and videos are available at the touch of a soft key. Innovative Defaults enable users to teach the ProtoTRAK RMX user's own programming and machining style."

With the Auto Geometry Engine Tap-to-Guess feature, the user can tap a point on the on-screen drawing to approximate the beginning, end or center of a geometry. All new Adaptive Machining enables the user to increase the metal removal rate by 500% or more through the selection of simple programming choice.

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