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Three-Jaw D1-6 Chuck Installation and Inspection Video

Gator has launched a video on YouTube, presenting step-by-step 3-jaw D1-6 chuck installation and inspection process. It is made by a machine shop, which presents all chuck features and installation details. It includes lathe spindle nose inspection (radial and face runouts) and spindle nose preparation, which is required by the factory before each chuck installation.

"Since Camlock chucks need strict installation procedures (from the safety and accuracy requirements), this video is recommended for all current and future Camlock chuck users, including experienced and less experienced machinists and hobbyists as well. The lathe spindle nose accuracy has a big impact on the final chuck run out," said a company spokesperson.

After every chuck installation, chuck inspection and accuracy control is always required. "This video shows the step-by-step process of how to get the highest chuck accuracy as possible on a lathe," said the spokesperson.

All Gator chucks come with the factory accuracy test certificate and comprehensive operating instruction, which should be read before the installation by every Gator chuck user.

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