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Three Turret Machine Design with Large Tooling Selection

Star CNC Machine Tool Co. is offering the ST-20 / ST-38 Swiss-type lathes with three turrets. These machines are designed to handle components with high complexities that require a large number of tooling for various operations. A quick-change tooling system is used with offline presetting for fast tool change. The three independent turret design allows for three tools in a cut for faster production. Two turrets are used for the main side operation, with Z axis on the front turret, while the third turret is used for the back working on the sub-spindle. Both the main and sub-spindle are equipped with a variety of tooling for I.D., O.D. and any live tooling for operations required to complete the job. These machines have rigid design, excellent capability, high precision and productivity for increased profitability. The proprietary Star Motion Control System reduces idle machine time.

"Designed for seamless multi-processing to the highest specifications and functions, Star CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes are known for precision machining of complex medical components, aircraft parts and those components made from tough materials like stainless steels and nickel-based super alloys," said a company spokesperson.

"Star CNC looks beyond machine dynamics as its engineers seek to continually improve machine ergonomics, machine/worker safety and advance environmentally-friendly production," continued the spokesperson. "Applications engineers are dedicated to helping customers find the optimal off-the-shelf or custom-configured machine solution to deliver maximum production, efficiency and cost-savings."

The ST-20 and ST-38 videos at and demonstrate the capabilities of the simultaneous front and rear end working and 12 axes, which provide the machine's complex machining capability, making them some of the most advanced sliding head lathes available from Star CNC.

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