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New Transor Filter Designed for Linear Motors

Transor Filter has announced a new option to most models for end users that are involved in tool and cutter grinding, cylindrical grinding, super-finishing or lapping operations. Many OEM machine tool builders have now incorporated linear motors in the design of these machines. Linear motors are designed to deliver faster and smoother feedrates, which translates into finer surface finishes. Linear motors require cooling and nominal three to five-micron filtration that can lead to clogging of the linear drives.

To address these clogging issues for companies now utilizing linear motors, the Transor Linear allows continuous oil filtered to one micron (absolute) to meet this requirement. Based on the Transor OMF design, the Transor Linear draws one micron filtered oil from a separate, primary clean storage area. Also, providing temperature control to +- 0.1 °C offers thermal stability for consistent machining results.

Transor Filters feature automated cleaning of the filter elements in a staggered fashion so that clean oil is always being produced, even when the cleaning procedure is in operation. A sludge handling device is also available for total automation of the process.

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