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July 2020

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Fully Integrated Machine-Centric Robotics Solution
Software Update Adds 50 Operational and Ease-of-Use Features for Cobots
FM-Series FlexPro Digital Servo Drives
Precision Rotary Stages
Tools for Programmers Using Python Language
Automation for High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing
Configurable Sheet Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Labs Create Laser Welding Processes
Automation Solution as Part of Integral Processes
Heavy Loading Made Easy
High-Speed Milling Center with Robotic Cell
Vision Sensor for Robotic Warehousing Application
New Software Domain Can Plan Control and Monitor
Linear Pallet Storage System for Numerous Machine Types
Mill Auto Parts Loader
Handling System Capable of Transporting up to 1200 Kg
Motor Control Systems for Automation
Next-Generation Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe
AI and the Daunting Data Dilemma
In the Fast Lane
High-MixLow-Volume Manufacturing
Automation and New Tapping Software for VMCs
Fully Integrated System for Sheet Metal Operations
Motion Control Products Maximize Machine Performance
Automation Tools for Small Part Handling
Strategic Offline Robot Programming Partnership Announced
Software Boosts Capabilities of Mobile Robot Family
3-Finger Electric Gripper with Large Stroke
Nozzle Welding Station for Heavy Duty Welding
New Model Added to Line of Teachable Cobots
Industrial Long-Stroke Gripper Designed for Collaborative Operation
Robotic Tool Changer Systems
New Features for Twin-Spindle Machine
Advanced Robot Controller Launches in U.S.
Modular Automated Work Cell
Cell Controller Manages Part Production on Shop Floors
Automation Solutions for Cylindrical Grinding
Application Kits to Simplify Cobot Deployments
New Features for SSW900 Soft Starters
Automation System Solution for Brother SPEEDIO R-Series Machines
Human-Collaborative Robot Offers Wide Variety of Tasks
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Automation Solutions for Cylindrical Grinding

Fritz Studer AG, part of the UNITED GRINDING Group, offers a full range of automation solutions available for its cylindrical grinding equipment. Solutions include a comprehensive portfolio of loaders and articulating robots designed to meet the needs of small and large manufacturers.

STUDER easyLoad

"Entry-level automation solutions are characterized by solid craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness for tasks such as feeding and removing parts to and from grinding machines," said a company spokesperson. For the S33, S31, S22 and S41, the STUDER easyLoad loading system is suitable for shaft components up to a part length of 12.0" (300 mm) and a gripper diameter of 0.16" to 1.18" (4 mm to 30 mm) with a maximum interfering contour of 1.97" (50 mm) in diameter. As a result of this flexibility, this portal loading system covers the majority of the parts produced on these machines. Parts are supplied via a standardized, adjustable synchronized conveyor, while the enclosure for the base module, which has been adapted to suit the machine design, enables safe and clean operation of the system.

Additional Functions Available with Mid-Range Equipment

When manufacturers need more functionality than entry-level equipment, especially in situations in which standardization remains important, STUDER also offers suitable automation solutions in collaboration with external suppliers. Additional functions such as deburring, brushing or re-measuring ground parts can be offered for automation systems in the mid-range. For example, Wenger Automation & Engineering AG offers both the WeStack and WeSpeed automation cells for loading and unloading parts on STUDER cylindrical grinding machines. The WeStack solution offers more functionality, while WeSpeed focuses on reducing cycle times. Wenger's WeFlex is a flexible all-rounder, using replaceable gripper bodies to enable changeover from shaft to chuck parts quickly.


UNITED GRINDING North America has worked to develop its own loader, the flexLoad automation system. This fully integrated solution utilizes an enclosed 6-axis robotic loader that can use a seventh axis to enter the machine for workpiece changeover. This solution is currently available for three STUDER models, the S33, S31 and S41.

STUDER Automation Innovations of the Future

"STUDER has integrated many different combinations of machines and automation technologies in the past and will endeavor to make the process much more seamless in the future. Other additional functions, such as reading/marking codes on workpieces and grinding consumables for sorting, pre- and remeasurement between grinding cycles and match grinding, are just a few of the options that will soon be offered," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

UNITED GRINDING North America Inc.


Miamisburg, OH 45342


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