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Productivity Gains Strengthen J. Horst Manufacturing


"J. Horst strives to provide their customers with consistent, high-quality goods through a full range of services including complete fabrication, machining, shot blasting, painting, assembly and testing. We are constantly seeking to improve quality at reduced costs while remaining focused on exceeding the requirements of our customers," said a company spokesperson.


The J. Horst team began looking for a vertical machining center that would increase capacity and help fulfill growing customer demands. After exploring several shops and researching machines from several different manufacturers, they purchased a Toyoda BM1020. The unit was purchased to replace an old machine that was no longer supported by its manufacturer, making parts and service difficult to find. Installation was completed and immediately the BM1020 resulted in increased capacity and production.


"Our production increased instantly," said Dave Forrer, J. Horst Operations and Safety Manager, about the new vertical from Toyoda. "Despite its small footprint, we got a huge boost in production. The machine's CAT40 taper really allowed a lot of parts to be completed in a short period of time with less tooling cost."


Based on the success of this first vertical, Forrer recognized an opportunity to further expand the shop's capacity by adding a second, larger-footprint vertical machine, the Toyoda FV1680. "We saw such a significant improvement with the first Toyoda," Forrer said, "that we decided to bring in another one that could accommodate larger workpieces, giving us greater versatility." As a job shop, J. Horst supports multiple industries with run sizes ranging from one to several thousand pieces, and parts weighing from one to 4,000 pounds.


Delivery of the machine, however, was going to be delayed because it coincided with Toyoda's launch of its new, upgraded vertical series. To alleviate the inconvenience of this unexpected delay, Toyoda furnished a loaner machine so that J. Horst could still meet delivery schedules and stay profitable. Toyoda Sales Manager Frank Madore worked with Forrer to coordinate the temporary installation at J. Horst. "Everything fell together like clockwork," Forrer said. "Toyoda's service team got the machine set up and running until the new one was ready."


Installation of the new Toyoda FV1680 took place shortly thereafter. The FV1680's large table size (68.9" x 35") and high table capacity (1,600 lbs.) were suited for J. Horst's large-part requirements. Toyoda's solid construction pairs a large Meehanite cast iron base with an extra-wide, inverted Y-shaped column for greater tensile strength and maximum vibration dampening, allowing J. Horst to achieve finer surface finishes and long-term high accuracy, according to the company.


To complement this new Toyoda vertical equipment, the company upgraded its old horizontal machine. It was becoming increasingly difficult to get replacement parts. J. Horst purchased an FA800 Toyoda horizontal machining center with a 120 position ATC.


The new FA800 HMC is delivering a 30-35 percent time savings over the previous horizontal. The Toyoda's dual ballscrew design allows the load of the carrier to be shared, increasing responsiveness of the axis for high-speed acceleration and rapid traverse rates, according to the company.


The machine's maximum work envelope measures 51.2 x 51.2 inches. This large table size, combined with the machine's rigidity and speed, allow J. Horst to cut large and heavy parts faster than the previous machine.


J. Horst has since incorporated a third Toyoda vertical machining center, and is now fully equipped with the newest technology to support an extensive list of customers and industries.



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The installation of the Toyoda BM1020 increased production immediately and the CAT40 taper allows for multiple parts to be completed in a short amount of time.

J. Horst's new FA800 HMC delivers 30-35 percent time savings than it's previous HMC.

The FV1680's large table size and high table capacity are suited for J. Horst's large-part requirements.







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