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Rollomatic Introduces 5-Axis Laser Ablation Machine

Rake face pattern and logo on PCD form tool produced by laser ablation on Rollomatic LaserSmart.

Rollomatic, a machine tool manufacturer based in Le Landeron, Switzerland, announces the addition of a laser ablation machine, LaserSmart, to its series of CNC multi-axis tool grinding machines.

The initial strategy with this machine is to offer extra-fine 3-dimensional laser machining for the cutting tool industry. This machine is particularly suited for super-hard materials such as PCD, cBN and other high-technology materials. The surfaces on which laser machining is performed does not have to be flat, it can have an arbitrary geometry. Preliminary applications are rake faces, chip breakers, logos and tool numbers on PCD, cBN or CVD silicon carbide inserts.

For more information contact:

Eric Schwarzenbach

Rollomatic Inc.

1295 Armour Blvd.

Mundelein, IL 60060

847-281-8550 x275

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