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March 28-31: STXI Motion Will Showcase Platforms for AGVs, AMRs and Shuttle Systems at MODEX 2022

STXI Motion, a global motion control and servo solution company, will present a variety of low-voltage mobile motion platform solutions intended for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and shuttle system deployment at MODEX 2022, March 28–31 in Atlanta, GA.


STXI Motion will feature its mobiMS, a strong and efficient low-voltage solution for AMR and AGV manufacturing. Including a mobiGM high torque density brushless servo motor, planetary gearbox, brake, encoder and servSD servo drive, the mobiMS provides a complete wheel-drive solution for AMRs and AGVs in intralogistics and warehousing applications.


“AGV and AMR developers using drive systems not specifically designed for these applications will find that these products bring limited temperature and voltage ranges, along with designs that just can’t handle the challenges that logistics and warehouse environments present,” said Dr. Markus Erlich, VP Marketing and Product Portfolio at STXI Motion. “Deploying low-voltage, powerful drive systems specifically designed for these challenging tasks will ultimately allow customers to make the most of their AGV and AMR manufacturing, boosting efficiency and productivity on the factory floor.”


The servSD is designed specifically for AMRs and AGVs with a ready-to-connect low-voltage servo drive that features robust power in a compact design (106 mm wide, 73.6 mm deep, 40 mm high). The servSD allows for access to tight spaces with near-motor mounting and includes safe torque off (STO) functional safety.


STXI Motion will also display the stepIM, an integrated closed-loop stepper, along with the new stepIM Nema 17 EtherCAT. The stepIM closed-loop servo drive improves motor performance with no step loss. The new line of servIM integrated servo motors will also be featured. These motors include 60 mm or 80 mm flanges and are currently being utilized at select beta test sites. The official launch is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.


STXI Motion will be located at booth #B1819 and offer on-site expert consultation, providing optimized solutions for your most pressing AGV needs. To demonstrate the many applications of STXI Motion systems, the booth will feature two customer AGVs featuring STXI Motion solutions.


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Modex Booth #B1819



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