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Wireless Thief Hatch Sensor for Remote Tank Monitoring

SignalFire has introduced the Hatch Watchdog, a wireless thief hatch sensor that monitors the status of tank hatches to mitigate environmental and safety risks associated with accidental emissions. When tank hatches - known as thief hatches - remain ajar, they can release vapors into the atmosphere. Stringent regulations in controlling emissions can result in fines due to leaking tank hatches. Protecting the environment is also a priority for many companies with green initiatives. The Hatch Watchdog (patent pending) sensor tracks the angle o...

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North American Tool Now Available on MachiningCloud

MachiningCloud, an Industry 4.0 solution provider helping customers make better tooling decisions, has announced the immediate availability of North American Tool (NA Tool), manufacturer of special taps designed to meet customer requirements. North American Tool customers can now access the Thread Tap Designer on MachiningCloud, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency for their jobs. Customers can obtain NA Tool's custom tap capabilities and the benefits of cutting tool product data, all within the MachiningCloud App. MachiningCloud...

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Heimatec Named North American Distributor for Tecnicrafts

Effective immediately, Heimatec Inc. will be selling products from Tecnicrafts Industries, a manufacturer of collets and guide bushings for Swiss type CNC lathes. Tecnicrafts is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, with its manufacturing plant in south India with state-of-the-art machine tools and 115 technicians. Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushings are used for Swiss turning applications on Citizen-Cincom, Tsugami, Star, Tornos, Hanwha, Traub, Hardinge, Manurhin-Kmx, Miyano, Nomura and other machine brands and are recognized and accepted ...

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Heavy Duty Bi-Metal Honing Fluid for the Automotive Market

Houghton International's HOCUT 4650 is a water-based metal removal fluid for use in automotive honing operations. It is designed to improve machining performance by providing high lubricity and detergency while complying with global chemical regulatory programs. "HOCUT 4650 contains a combination of additives providing high detergency enabling the product to run clean, a key requirement in honing operations," said a company spokesperson. "The product has been tested and is currently used at several automotive OEM engine plants...

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Laser Marking for Etching and Engraving

Electron Beam Engineering, Inc. (EBE) has announced that it now offers laser marking for etching and engraving into metals and ceramics. "With our RMI Laser Marker we can create detailed and accurate lines, numbers, logos or any desired mark on products or parts for easy tracking and traceability," said Grant Trillwood, General Manager at EBE. "We are also able to serialize and coordinate the laser marking with any laser or electron beam welding that we are performing on the same components." Laser marking, also known as ...

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Why Demand for Color Labeling in the Supply Chain is on the Rise

The need to support color label printing is becoming more prevalent across all industries in order to meet evolving customer and corporate branding requirements. Also, new government regulations, which require the use of color, are leading businesses to completely overhaul the way they identify and label products. These evolving mandates are further driving investments in color labeling. With these impending changes, it is becoming increasingly important to have a solution in place that allows companies to quickly and easily add color to their ...

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