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SPS Technologies Improves Processes with New High Pressure Coolant System

Slab head bolt, Inconel 718.

Slab head bolt, 0.625" diameter hole, 5.570" deep to sidewall.

Slab head bolt in lathe ready for production. High gains seen during the drilling operation.

Bob Mihajlowitsch, a manufacturing engineer at SPS Technologies, with CNC Indexing's HPD-1000 with 50-gallon coolant tank.

SPS Technologies, located in Jenkintown, PA, is the fastener division of Precision Castparts Corporation. The company is the producer of high-quality specialty fasteners, assemblies and precision components for critical applications throughout the world. SPS's product offering is focused on technically sophisticated components and materials that are vital to critical end-user markets such as aerospace, transportation, power generation, racing, farm and construction equipment and industrial machinery and equipment.

Bob Mihajlowitsch, a manufacturing engineer at SPS Technologies, was given the task of process improvement throughout the company's manufacturing facility. After researching its current processes, Bob began making adjustments with tooling to reduce cycle times. He soon realized that for even better improvement, it made sense to take the next step and integrate high-pressure coolant into the process. After meeting with the various companies that produce high-pressure coolant systems and reviewing the product designs, he chose to work with CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies. "I felt their system uses the best pump on the market and they were willing to allow me to test one for 30 days," he said.

Bob opted to test model HPD-1000 (1,000 PSI, 8 GPM, dual filter system) in search of maximum improvement. Less than a year later, SPS Technologies now has six systems installed on lathes and mills throughout its facility. Bob has been monitoring the processes on all six machines in which high-pressure coolant was added. SPS Technologies has seen improvements on all six machines. The improvements include faster cycle times, longer tool and insert life and better part finish. These results add up to a reduced cost per part, what every manufacturing company is searching for.

One process in particular at SPS Technologies has seen a marked gain. This application has an annual production of 5,000 pieces. By adding CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies HPD-1000, SPS was able to reduce the overall cycle time, with the largest portion during the drilling process. Some drilling operations have seen reduced cycle times that could potentially save the company in excess of $120,000 per year and opened capacity on key production equipment. "I love these high pressure coolant units," said Mihajlowitsch.

With the decrease in cycle time and resulting increase in efficiency, the company continues to focus on the production of high-quality specialty fasteners, assemblies and precision components. The company's aerospace fasteners are found throughout the aerospace industry. "Today, it's hard to find an aircraft that doesn't use SPS fasteners," said a company spokesperson. "They can be found in engines, wings, fuselages and landing gear. SPS produces all-metal locknuts and bolts, non-metallic insert locknuts and precision components in a variety of materials and platings in diameters up to 3 inches and lengths up to 48 inches. Our facilities accommodate forging, extruding, tapping, milling, grinding, computer-controlled heat-treating, automated plating as well as many secondary operations."

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