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Line-Up of Fabrication Equipment

KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. offers a line-up of fabrication equipment.

KAAST offers a wide selection of CNC press brakes, ranging from 3' to 20' in length and featuring tonnage options ranging from 40 tons to 2,000 tons. "The HPB CNC series of press brakes are suitable for complicated, sensitive, single or multiple bendings at high speed, offering the bonus of higher productivity at lower production cost due to the user-friendly CNC controller and low-cost hydraulic maintenance," said a company spokesperson. Standard features include sliding front support arms for easy height adjustment, Promecam type top clamps for simple loading and Delem touchscreen control. KAAST also offers a line of manual workshop press brakes, the HPA-P series. Available in 40 or 60 in widths with 100 tons or 150 tons, this manual press brake series features a simple two-button activator, making it a suitable fit for shops that do not need CNC capabilities, or to unburden their CNC press brakes.

One of the most versatile fabrication machine series offered by KAAST is the PS Ironworker series, offering five separate work stations for punching, shearing and notching operations. Featuring tonnage capacity ranging from 45-175 tons, the DP two-cylinder machine style allows parallel work on the punch as well as a second workstation. Ironworkers from 65 tons and up include an electric trigger switch up to 40" for quick workflow of repetitive work. Each Ironworker work station has a jog-mode for precise tool/workpiece positioning and is available with optional CNC-controlled material feed stock for the punch function, 12' or 20' material table or pneumatic holding devices.

"Any hydraulic shearing needs are easily met by utilizing the KAAST HGS or HAGS shearing collections," said the spokesperson. HGS shears are designed to meet fabricating needs when fast and flexible cuts are required, and feature a 39" motorized back gauge system with a 0.004" accuracy, front support arms, front/side/back safety panels and a Siemens electrical system. The HAGS series offers these same features and an adjustable rake that allows the user to create a consistent cut for specific needs.

There is also a large selection of profile rolling machines for the circular bending of metal profiles, angles, rings and tubes. KAAST offers several series of profile rolls, operated either horizontally or vertically, able to bend from 1" to 12" angles, and all are suitable for bending square, flat, angle and shaped profiles. The profile rolling machines offered through KAAST are split between the PBH (hydraulic) and the PBM (mechanical).

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