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MIG Gun Consumable System

Bernard offers its AccuLock S Consumable System. Bernard has added advanced design features that provide higher productivity and optimized wire feeding, while also simplifying installation and maintenance. The system includes a contact tip, nozzle, gas diffuser, liner and power pin and power pin cap.

"AccuLock S Consumables represent an improvement for users of industrial MIG guns," said Linda Ray, Vice President and General Manager. "These consumables work together as a complete system, improving performance and minimizing - if not eliminating - the most common gun maintenance issues."

The AccuLock S Consumables are designed to solve issues associated with poor wire feeding in semi-automatic MIG welding, such as bird-nesting, burnback and erratic arc. "The system locks in place and concentrically aligns the liner with the power pin and contact tip for a flawless wire feeding path with no gaps or misalignments. There is no liner measuring required during installation or replacement. Welders simply cut the liner flush with the back of the power pin for liner trimming. Combined, these features decrease the risk of improper installation that could lead to costly downtime to address poor weld quality or liner replacement," said a company spokesperson.

"Adding to the ease of installation, the contact tips feature coarse threads that easily mate with the gas diffuser, lessening the chance of cross-threading and speeding contact tip replacement," added the spokesperson.

The AccuLock S Consumables are designed to reduce heat buildup for long product life. Sixty percent of the contact tip is buried in the gas diffuser to protect it from heat damage, while shielding gas helps cool the contact tip tail. The tapered design of the consumables tightly lock conductive parts together to minimize electrical resistance and further reduce heat buildup.

As a complement to the AccuLock S Series, AccuLock MDX Consumables have been launched with the new Miller MDX MIG Guns. AccuLock R Consumables for robotic welding applications will be released under the Tregaskiss brand name later in 2019.

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