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Eriez Offers HydroFlow Fluid Recycling and Filtration Equipment

Eriez' HydroFlow Fluid Recycling and Filtration equipment is designed to allow customers to cut fluid purchases up to 80%. This equipment can maximize coolant effectiveness and longevity, enabling companies to improve productivity and reduce disposal costs, the company said. HydroFlow equipment removes tramp oils and solids, extending the useful life of the coolant. It can also help increase tool life by decreasing the wear of moving parts and reduce bacteria in fluids.

From small machine-side equipment to large plant-wide systems, Eriez HydroFlow offers: coolant recycling systems, coalescers and oil skimmers, sump cleaners, Hydroflow vacuum filters, STAR vacuum filters, centrifuge filter systems, magnetic separators and conveyors, drum pumps, mixers and proportioners, refractometers and water purifiers.

Typical applications for HydroFlow equipment include parts washing, machining, grinding, honing, super finishing and EDM using water-based coolants to straight oil lubricants.

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