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kW Class Laser Sources Available

Coherent Inc. is offering the kilowatt version of its E-Series CO2 lasers, the DIAMOND E-1000, as well as the Highlight 8000D, a kilowatt class direct-diode system, and the HighLight 1000FL fiber laser.

The DIAMOND E-1000 is a compact design that is up to 80% smaller, requires no consumables and has been shown to cut metals at similar speeds as lasers with twice the power, said the company. In addition to saving space, the compact design allows the DIAMOND E-1000 to be mounted on a robot, eliminating the need for fiber delivery systems.

The Highlight 8000D direct-diode system features output powers up to 8 kW and is available with smart free space beam delivery - providing high power light in the shape and distance required by the application. With systems already deployed in the cladding market, HighLight 8000D enables the largest area at the highest deposition rate currently available," said a company spokesperson.

Coherent's HighLight 1000FL fiber laser features an OEM-focused kW to multi-kW fiber platform. It utilizes Coherent diode bars in a single step pump aggregation without service incompatible splices or gratings - all coupled into a 50 ?m fiber delivery. This architecture is designed to be more feedback resistant, and its modular design enables future serviceability.

The HighLight 1000FL is primarily targeted at cutting and welding of metals, such as mild and stainless steels, copper, aluminum, brass, titanium and aluminum-magnesium.

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Coherent, Inc.

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