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TRUMPF Introduces TruMark 6030

The TruMark Series 6000 lasers are designed to enable users to perform any marking process quickly and with a high level of quality, including annealing, engraving, ablation, color change and foaming on a variety of materials, the company said.

The TruMark 6030 can mark metals, ceramics and plastics directly on the part (direct part marking), but works equally well for labels.

"The TruMark 6030 features considerably shorter marking times, when compared to other products in the TruMark Series 6000," said a TRUMPF spokesperson. "Output of these marking lasers has increased by about 35 percent, and cycle times have been shortened accordingly. A comparison of the TruMark 6030 with the TruMark 6020 illustrates this increased productivity. Using the same laser parameters, the same frequency and the same speed, the TruMark 6030 can achieve up to twice the engraving depth.

"The TruMark 6030 works in the infrared range of 1,064 nm. With its Nd:YAG laser crystal, it is designed for marking in the lower frequencies up to 60 kHz."

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