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Horizontal Heavy Duty Machining and 5-Axis Machining for Aerospace

Production Note: Superscript the number 3 in cm3/min in the 3rd paragraph.

DMC 125 H duoBLOCK

DMC 100 U duoBLOCK

In addition to the standard spindle, DMG MORI also offers a gear spindle for heavy machining with a torque of up to 1,600 Nm and a 52 kW power rating at 8,000 RPM.

The 5X-torqueMASTER offers up to 80% higher torque of 1,300 Nm and a swivel range of 180°.

The DMG MORI DMC 100 H duoBLOCK and DMC 125 H duoBLOCK complete the portfolio of heavy-duty horizontal machining, while the DMC 100 U duoBLOCK strengthens the line-up in automated 5-axis universal machining.

Precision and maximum dynamics in heavy-duty machining are the key features of the duoBLOCK machining centers from DMG MORI. In particular, the DMC models with pallet changers are designed for productivity, all with fast pallet changers.

DMC 100 H duoBLOCK and DMC 125 H duoBLOCK

The DMC 100 H duoBLOCK and the DMC 125 H duoBLOCK are designed with increased precision. The special focus of the new DMC H duoBLOCK models is on high-performance through to heavy-duty machining. In addition to the standard spindle, DMG MORI also offers a gear spindle with a torque of up to 1,600 Nm, and a 52 kW power rating at 8,000 RPM. Combining this with the heavy-duty machining package enables removal rates of over 450 cm3/min for Ti6AI4V, for example.

The DMC 125 H duoBLOCK provides for a maximum workpiece size of 1,250 x 1,600 mm (o 1,000 x 1,600 mm in the case of the DMC 100 H duoBLOCK). Maximum workpiece weight is rated at 2,000 kg. The large cubic work area offers sufficient space for long tools and multiple clamping devices. The 1,050 mm horizontal clearance allows the use of tools with lengths of up to 900 mm.

The two new duoBLOCK horizontal machining centers are engineered for a high level of precision in part due to the cooling concept. Cooling of the motors in all linear and rotary axes allows for maximum long-term precision even in the standard version. DMG MORI has also optimized the efficiency of the two duoBLOCK machines by means of a frequency-controlled high-pressure pump up to 80 bar (optional).

DMC 100 U duoBLOCK

DMC 100 U duoBLOCK is a universal 5-axis machining center with up to 1,300 Nm. With its fast pallet changer, the DMC 100 U duoBLOCK is designed for productive 5-axis machining. "A 12,000 RPM spindle ensures outstanding milling performance even in the standard version," said a company spokesperson. "Another highlight of the new universal machining center is the powerMASTER-motor spindle that is now available as an option."

With a torque of 1,000 Nm and a power rating of 77 kW, the spindle is designed for demanding machining tasks. Its Spindle-Growth-Sensor (SGS) compensates spindle growth for maximum precision. It has a swivel range of -30° / +100°. This makes the powerMASTER suited for the machining of complex titanium components in the aerospace industry. The DMC 100 U duoBLOCK can be equipped alternatively with the 5X-torqueMASTER. The torque of the gear spindle was increased by 80 percent to now stand at up to 1,300 Nm. It has a power rating of 37 kW at 8,000 RPM. Its structural rigidity has been increased by 50 percent. The 5X-torqueMASTER has a swivel range of between 0° and +180°. The machine is designed with a B-axis and integrated cable track to provide flexibility and reduce machining times to a minimum.

The size of the work area provides space for workpieces of up to o 1,000 x 1,600 mm and weights of up to 2,000 kg. The intelligent wheel magazine with space for 453 tools and chip-to-chip times from 4.0 seconds boost productivity. A new feature is the automatic changeover of 45 kg angle heads and the changeover of tools in the angle head. In addition, the magazine can be set up with sets of tools by means of a dedicated and individually defined access area in the loading wheel. In order to boost efficiency of the DMC 100 U duoBLOCK even further DMG MORI also offers a frequency-controlled high-pressure pump with up to 80 bar.

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