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Expanded Range of Cutting Tools for Swiss Automatic Lathes

Arno Werkzeuge USA recently announced its expansion of Swiss Style program of cutting tools, holders, inserts and through-coolant systems for Swiss CNC automatic lathes.

Applications for Swiss automatic lathes are known for their unique machining requirements for extremely long, thin, small parts with precision and accuracy and therefore require very specific tooling. ARNO Werkzeuge has designed and manufactured cutting tools specifically for CNC Swiss automatic lathes. Its offering of Swiss-style tooling extends across its entire family of products for grooving, turning, milling and drilling operations.

Arno USA's SA holders and inserts feature a modular grooving system with a single basic toolholder, which turns into different tool variants by simply changing the support blade and clamp and is suitable for grooving and parting-off operations. The Arno Swiss program applies to specific area of the SA line with its HSA-U holder range. Typically, with most holders the clamping screw is on the top of the unit. However, with HSA-U the clamp features a clamp and screw that mounts on the bottom of the holders. This offers easy handling and clamping for the tighter spacing and machining requirements of Swiss-style automatic lathes. The SA range also includes the standard HSA monoblock holder with the clamp on top.

Typically, Swiss-style lathes have smaller machining requirements and utilize bar sizes of no larger than 1-1/4" diameter. For ARNO's SA Swiss-style program, insert widths start from .059" (1.5 mm). Shank sizes range from 3/8" (8 mm) up to 3/4" (20 mm). Another unique feature of ARNO's Swiss-style program for the SA range includes through coolant tooling capabilities with sizes starting from .079" (2 mm).

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