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Flexible 5-Face Machining

Semi-guarding allows for unobstructed loading and unloading of oversized parts (optional).

Mighty Viper offers its latest machine model, the PMW bridge mill, which maximizes machining capacity through complete integration of fully automated spindle heads.

"Even the most complex parts can be efficiently machined through the use of multiple spindle heads and an automatic head changer unit that can accommodate a large variety of head attachments," said a company spokesperson. "Full automation eliminates operator involvement and increases efficiency while eliminating human error factors."

"With an adjustable height crossrail (W-axis) for enhanced 5-face machining, the PMW series allows for a much wider range of spindle-to-table distance compared to conventional fixed-crossrail bridge mills without compromising rigidity," continued the spokesperson. "This makes it possible to machine very thin and very tall workpieces on the same machine-even with a single set-up.

A few of the PMW bridge mill features are:

  • X-travel 165" to 323"
  • Y-travel 146" to 165"
  • W-travel 39" or 67"
  • Table sizes 157" x 98" to 314" x 118"
  • Distance between columns 98" and 110".

The PMW utilizes an enhanced feed mechanism. The feed mechanisms on XYZ axes employ precision ball screws with class P4 angular contact ball bearings and gear transmissions. "Gears yield high transmission efficiency and provide higher torque at lower speeds with excellent dynamic response at higher speeds," said the spokesperson. The feed systems for X and Y axes utilize high precision roller linear guideways with a heavy load resistance, rapid dynamic response and low friction coefficient providing fast axial movement along the X and Y axes travels.

An advanced design ball screw cooling system alleviates thermal expansion and yields higher positioning accuracy. Models with X-axis travels over 157" in length are equipped with a guideway for ball screw support. The ball screw support system eliminates overhang and vibration issues.

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