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Thermwood Structural Changes and Promotions

Thermwood has announced structural changes and promotions.

"Thermwood, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, has been experiencing unprecedented growth," said a company spokesperson. "Much of this growth is attributed to the success of the new large scale additive manufacturing systems. Called LSAM (L-Sam), these are industrial sized 3D printers, some capable of printing composite parts up to 40 feet long and weighing several tons. These machines are currently producing large composite structures from the chassis of an autonomous urban bus to tooling for the production of the interior of modern jet aircraft. These systems are transforming the company, resulting in structural management changes and new advancement opportunities."

Jason Susnjara, Executive Vice President

Jason Susnjara has been promoted to Executive Vice President. Susnjara has been with Thermwood since 1995 and has held numerous positions, most recently vice president of marketing. He is also on Thermwood's board of directors.

In this new position, Susnjara will oversee and manage Thermwood's technology, engineering, manufacturing and marketing operations. Thermwood operates a complex manufacturing operation and builds technically sophisticated industrial products. Susnjara will manage the operation and expansion of these activities to support ongoing growth.

Brian Smiddy, Vice President of Product Development

Brian Smiddy has been promoted to Vice President of Product Development. He has been with Thermwood since 1995 and has managed the engineering department over the past 17 years.

In this new position, Smiddy will be responsible for new technology development and incorporation of that technology into Thermwood's product line and production processes. In the past three years Smiddy has assisted in activities that have generated over 50 patents on new technical developments. In his new position, he will be able to focus more directly on these vital activities.

Larry Epplin, Vice President of Software Development

Epplin has been promoted to Vice President of Software Development. He has been with Thermwood since 2000 developing and managing the company's cabinet design software products.

In this new position, Epplin will manage the development of Thermwood's software product line, including integrating a type of artificial intelligence into Thermwood's CNC control so that cabinet makers can produce an almost unlimited number of products without needing a CNC programmer. He will also oversee continued development of Thermwood's industrial 3D printing software and manage a network of thousands of cabinet shops currently using Thermwood software to design their products and run their shops.

Duane Marrett, Vice President of Marketing

Duane Marrett has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing. Marrett's career at Thermwood began in 1998 in the engineering department as a technical writer. He has held positions with ever increasing responsibility in various marketing functions. In his most recent position, he developed and managed the company website, interacted with traditional and social media along with creating promotional videos, issuing product releases and conducting market analytics for the company.

In his new position, Marrett will manage Thermwood's overall marketing function including development and execution of trade show exhibitions around the world and overall management of company functions.

John Fuquay, Manager of Engineering

John Fuquay to has been promoted to Manager of Engineering. He has been with Thermwood since 2003 in engineering, designing products and providing documentation for production.

In his new position, Fuquay will manage the engineering department, implementing new product designs, maintaining the extensive engineering database and providing engineering support to manufacturing.

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