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Quick-Change Workholding Solutions

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA offers quick-change workholding systems, including the QCS-HM. With the QCS-HM Quick-Change System, the machine spindle is fitted with an EMUGE-FRANKEN quick-change adapter so that the precision clamping device can be interchangeably mounted with minimal changeover time. In most cases, after the clamping device has been mounted to the adapter, there is no need to adjust the runout of the clamping device. It is only necessary to check runout with the master to verify proper mounting to the adapter.

The system QCS-HM uses a double bayonet system without the requirement of a drawbar from the machine spindle. The connection bayonet mounts the clamping device to the quick-change adapter. The second bayonet, the clamping bayonet, actuates the clamping device.

The connection bayonet uses springs and a hydraulic unit contained within the quick-change adapter to attach the clamping device to the quick-change adapter. To remove the clamping device from the adapter, the operator rotates one clamping screw charging the internal hydraulic system. This pressure compresses the spring force, allowing the release of the clamping device. Next, the clamping device is rotated, aligning the bayonet lugs from the clamping device with the loading/unloading slots in the bayonet adapter. The clamping device is now easily removed from the quick-change adapter. After proper cleaning of both the quick-change adapter and the next clamping device, assembly takes place in reverse order of the removal process.

The clamping bayonet is actuated from the machine spindle hydraulic pressure connection. As the hydraulic pressure is applied to the quick-change adapter, the unclamping spring force is overcome, enabling the bayonet to pull on the clamping device drawbar and achieve workpiece clamping. After the machining operation is finished, the hydraulic pressure is removed for the unclamping springs to ensure the return of the drawbar and removal of the workpiece from the clamping device has been completed.

Advantages of the flexible QCS-HM system include the user-friendly centering of the clamping device by using only one screw, and fitting to machines where no draw bar is required.

"Whether production ranges from high volume using machine dedicated clamping devices or smaller lot sizes that are changed over frequently, EMUGE-FRANKEN quick-change systems can be customized to meet the requirements of keeping production costs down and machine run-time up," said a company spokesperson.

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