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Star SU Announces Medical Product Sales Manager

James Doughty

Star SU, the marketing, sales and service affiliate of Star Cutter Company, has announced the hiring of James Doughty in the position of Product Sales Manager responsible for national medical sales. Specifically, Doughty will be responsible for expanding the use of the company's NXT 5-axis tool grinder, the only tool grinder to come pre-packaged with ESPRIT CAM software and machine-specific post processors and well-suited to manufacturers of hip rasps, rotary files, bone files, drills and other complex tooling, the company reported.

Doughty's career has been successfully focused on manufacturing solutions and contract manufacturing for orthopedic tools such as bone drills, reamers, screws, rasps, taps and extractors, as well as implants.

Doughty started his foray into the medical field over 20 years ago, when he initially worked for Star Cutter as a regional sales manager and was involved in developing the company's CNC grinder for hip broaches and other medical instruments. Since then, he has been a sales manager for Kyocera SGS Medical, American Tool Service, Ortho Grind Medical and Eva-lution. Throughout his tenures, he has a proven track record for growing sales and developing relationships with leading medical companies across the nation.

For more information contact:

Star SU, LLC Sales & Service

5200 Prairie Stone Parkway, Suite 100

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192


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