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Vertical Honing Machines Bring Power, Precision to Motorsports

Inserting hone head

Dial bore gauge

Operator with Sunnen2 control

The new Sunnen SV-35 Series honing machines balance power and precision to achieve expert results on a wide range of parts including engine cylinder blocks, liners and other applications that require a precision bore, Sunnen reported.

The SV-35 includes a new in-house designed Sunnen2 control with simplified menus and storage of 1,000+ set-ups for quick and easy changeovers. The new control helps reduce labor costs and increases productivity, as multiple operators can be quickly trained to run the system.

"When used with the wide range of Sunnen-made abrasives, tooling and coolants, the U.S.-built SV-35 produces ideal bore roundness and surface finish in a variety of part types and materials at an affordable price," said a company spokesperson.

The Sunnen2 control offers automatic, consistent bore-to-bore geometry and finish, without constant adjustment by the operator. According to Sunnen, the focus during development of the new control was ease of use and set-up. New features of the Sunnen2 include constant cross hatch capability and tool Auto-Snug.

Constant cross hatch finish of the bore is achieved by entering the desired bore angle in the set-up. The Sunnen2 control is constantly changing the speeds of the servo spindle and stroker to ensure the cross hatch is the same from top to bottom of the bore. The Auto-Snug feature takes the guesswork out of tool set-up, making the process simple and repeatable.

The 15.6" (396 mm) color touchscreen with intuitive controls provides a real-time display of the full-bore cross section during the process. Screen-selected languages include English, German, Spanish and Chinese. The control's programmable Auto-Dwell feature automatically corrects taper anywhere in the bore for unattended operation. Two-stage GH honing tools with diamond abrasives, CBN abrasives or PB brushes can combine roughing and finishing operations in one tool for high productivity.

Three new standard SV-35 models include two step-and-repeat-capable versions, allowing automatic bore-to-bore processing for in-line and V-block configurations. The step-and-repeat feature allows machine operators to complete other tasks while the machine hones the part automatically. A base SV-35 model has a manual X-axis for low-volume applications.

The SV-35's part diameter range is 0.75" to 8" (19 mm to 203 mm) depending on the tooling option. Sunnen GH-LF tooling enables the automatic step-and-repeat operation. The SV-35's capability to handle workpiece/fixture weights up to 1,325 lbs. (600 kg), and a large, 48" x 30" (1,219 mm x 760 mm) work envelope provide versatility in processing larger parts and make it a workhorse honing machine, worthy of its Sunnen Cylinder Kinglineage, the company reported.

The SV-35 includes spindle reversal, standard bore oversize set-up (.010"/.020"/.030") and automatic tool protection at the top and bottom of the bore, which verifies an unobstructed stroke before starting a cycle. A 4.55 HP (3.4 kW) servo spindle motor, producing speeds from 50-600 RPM, is coupled with the 4.7 HP (3.5 kW) servo ball screw system to produce up to 100 true vertical strokes per minute with a stroke travel of up to 27.75" (705 mm). This combination allows the SV-35 series to accommodate a wide range of applications economically. The X-axis range is 32" (813 mm) of left/right travel for a wide range of part sizes and bore configurations.

According to Sunnen, the spindle reversal feature duplicates the capabilities of machines used by automotive OEMs. Reversal can be used at any time throughout the process, but is especially helpful during the finishing strokes, as it helps create a slightly rounder bore and aids in achieving the desired surface finish. It allows the honing stones to take out any less-than-round shape left after initial passes, while shaping up and dressing the stones themselves. Reversing the spindle also aids in removing folded-over metal and cleaning debris out of the valleys of the surface finish.

The SV-35 is compatible with all of Sunnen's current large diameter tooling, including the DH Series diamond abrasive hone heads and brushes, GHSS single-stage hone heads with CBN or diamond abrasives, and GHTS hone heads for two-stage honing with CBN or diamond abrasives and brushes. Sunnen CK/CVtype tooling, P20/P28 mandrels and MPS/ANR modular tooling are also all compatible with the SV-35.

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