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EOS Makes Entering Industrial 3-D Printing Easier with Improved Process for Material Handling

EOS, a technology supplier in the field of industrial 3-D printing of metals and polymers, has introduced the material handling solution IPCM M pro.

The module is made specifically for the EOS M 290, a system for the additive manufacturing (AM) of metal components, equipped with a special process chamber door with coupling points to connect with the IPCM M pro and material containers. The combination of system and periphery enables users to convey material quickly and safely out of the system before sieving and refilling it back into the system - thus, simplifying the industrial 3-D printing process with its machines and processes.

Closed Process Chain for Efficient Material Handling

In AM, a laser beam fuses powdered material at points defined by computer-generated component design data. With the IPCM M pro, material not fused during the build process can be directly conveyed out of the AM system without opening the process chamber door and therefore without the operator coming into direct contact with the material. A vacuum pump removes the powder from the system and into the IPCM M pro, where it is sieved under inert gas within the module at a throughput of 120 kg of material in 30 minutes - 50% faster than previous solutions. Powder treated in this way can be reused for future builds.

For the user, this semi-automated, dust-free material handling within the process chamber of the AM system has clear advantages in terms of health and safety because it reduces the risk of contact with the metal powders. This enables the user to wear more comfortable protective equipment without compromising safety. At the same time, even large volumes of material can be sieved and conveyed more quickly while reducing manual tasks. Moreover, the IPCM M pro module is mobile, which means it can be efficiently used for several systems. The features contribute to the improvement of user-friendliness and productivity of AM.

Solution for Entering Industrial 3-D Printing

"With the EOS M 290 system and the IPCM M pro module, companies are provided with the right solution for a swift entry into the world of industrial 3-D printing as an established manufacturing technology," said a company spokesperson. The EOS M 290 system features a reproducible high part quality, a broad range of validated materials and processes, and extensive software solutions for data preparation and quality management. "Together with the comprehensive range of consulting services that EOS provides, companies have access to a holistic portfolio of solutions that enables them to successfully enter the world of 3-D printing with a short learning curve," the spokesperson added.

"Industrial 3-D printing has proven its worth as a manufacturing method across industries and is being increasingly used for serial production," said Dr. Tobias Abeln, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at EOS. "Companies should consider how they could make best use of the technology to strengthen their business. The EOS portfolio gives companies one single source for all the elements they need to successfully set up and leverage additive manufacturing to meet the challenges of production with an established, future-proof technology."

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