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Interchangeable Vise Jaws

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. has introduced RIGO interchangeable vise jaws.

With RIGO elements, workpieces are clamped into the adjustable vee block with an automatic diagonal and horizontal alignment. When the chuck is clamped, the clamping pressure spreads the vee block to clamp in a fixed three-point support free of play.

Interchangeable vise jaws are suitable for machining vise, power clamps and hydraulic/pneumatic clamps. The vise jaws consist of the clamping vee elements and the vee block shell, both of which are case hardened and polished.

Type A insert elements and type B adapter elements are available. Type A is particularly suitable for two-jaw chucks when machining bar stock, and can also be integrated into vises actuated by machines or manually. Type B is suitable for two-jaw chucks with interchangeable stepped jaws.

Interchangeable vise jaws are usable with all customary makes, and special models with customized dimensions are available upon request.

Features and advantages:

  • Rectangular workpieces up to a ratio of 1:3 are centered free of play and aligned automatically in two directions.
  • Concentricity and lateral guiding accuracy is less than 0.02 mm
  • Less scrap
  • Workpieces can be machined on five sides
  • Appropriate for application in NC and special mechanical engineering.

For more information contact:

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

3632 Central Ave.

St. Petersburg, FL 33711

800-746-4467 / 727-328-2818

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