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Additive Manufacturing for Mold and Die

GF Machining Solutions offers a configured 3-D printing machine. Made possible through a collaboration between the Switzerland-based GF Division and EOS, a Germany-based quality and technology provider of high-end additive manufacturing (AM), the solution combines AgieCharmilles AM 290 S tooling and AM technology to meet the needs of manufacturers in plastic injection and die casting.

The integration of these two technologies enables mold and die shops to print mold inserts made of EOS Maraging Steel MS1, then finish them on a GF system such as the Mikron MILL S 400 U. Inserts can be built with conformal cooling channels, meaning they are placed closer to the final molded part and that they respect the part's geometry. Such channels efficiently align the exchange of temperature inside the mold, thereby optimizing production in terms of time, cost and quality.

The printed mold inserts can increase the quality of the final plastic parts and deliver economic benefits. These inserts can then be used for any kind of plastic product in all segments. Due to a better temperature homogeneity during the injection process, customers can reduce cycle time, increase productivity and improve the overall quality of, for example, a critical plastic part with thin walls.

The future of AM technology requires effective integration into production lines and in all sectors. GF Machining Solutions and EOS continue to collaborate on technical improvements, as well as effective combinations of software to fulfill Industry 4.0 requirements.

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