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Improving Robotic Performance and Precision

Industrial robot provider, TM Robotics, has introduced the THE400 SCARA robot, the latest addition to its range of industrial machinery. "The model has been developed to set the standard for the next generation of SCARA robots," said a company spokesperson.

Combining high-speed operation and a high payload capacity, the machine is capable of fast-cycle automation to meet the demand for speed in parts assembly, testing and transfer processes in the electronics and automotive manufacturing industries.

"The robot is capable of operating speeds of 7,000 mm per second, with cycle times hitting 0.3 seconds for a standard 2 kg payload," said a company spokesperson. "The THE400 model can withstand a maximum payload of 5 kg, with an allowable moment of inertia of 0.06 kg m2."

To meet demand for fast-cycle automation, the THE400 robot thoroughly redesigns the mechanism and control functions of previous SCARA robots. The model also offers improved performance with regard to servo control, enabling enhanced arm tracking performance and more accurate movement.

Optional specifications for the robot include an ergonomic anti-dust design, a tool flange to attach a mounting hand, a bracket tailored to mount a vision camera and a robot-controller cable that has been designed to a customized length.

Toshiba Machine also is planning to release a ceiling-mounted version of the design and a THE400 model specifically designed for cleanrooms.

"Manufacturers are looking for robots with improved precision, faster speed and enhanced performance - and the THE400 delivers this," said Nigel Smith, CEO and President of TM Robotics.

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