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January 2019

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High Speed HMC Features Compact Footprint Design
CNC Slant Bed Lathe
Flexible Milling-Turning Centers for Six-Sided Complete Machining of Complex Workpieces
Vertical Turning Centers with High Efficiency and Performance
Horizontal Machining of Complex Workpieces
Compact 5-Axis VMCs
Knee Mill with Rigid Tapping and Automatic Tool Changer
Advancing the Speed of Turning Operations
High-Performance HMC Solution
Continuous Machining of Complex Forms
High-Speed 5-Axis Universal Machining Center
Expanded CNC Series for Mold Aerospace
Automatic Turning Machine Cuts Cycle Times
Heavy Duty Lathes
Multi-Operational Turning Milling Centers
Quill-Spindle Horizontal Boring Machine
CNC Compact Vertical Machining Centers
CNC Cycle Lathe for Flexible Single-Part and Batch Production of Workpieces
Five-Axis HMC
Hybrid VMC with Friction Stir Welding
Compact HMCs Offer Full Size Machining Capabilities
New Jig Borer
A Job Shop in a Box
Multitasking CNC Lathe with Larger Bed Length
Engine Lathe
CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe
Universal 5-Axis Milling Machine for Complex Workpieces
High Frequency Turning Software Technology for Controlling Chip Breakage
One Set-Up Multi-Axis Machining Center
Manual Lathe Product Line Expands
Multi-Spindle Machines for High-Productivity Cellular Production
Swing Lathes with Solid Bed Design
CNC Control Software Provides Enhanced Memory and Connectivity
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Multi-Operational Turning Milling Centers

Litz Hitech has launched a series of integrated production machines that combine a turning center and a vertical machining center (VMC) to form the TM2500 and TM2500S. This multitasking series features the combined processing technology of turning and milling, making it capable of single-mounting based high-precision machining, suitable for making small and complex geometry components prevalent in medical and measurement devices.

The TM series is designed to reduce equipment and labor costs, power consumption and cycle times all while decreasing shop floor space. "Achieve an even higher return on investment with the TM2500S, featuring dual spindles to reduce part handling and increased Z-axis travel as compared to the TM2500," said a company spokesperson. Both spindles come with a built-in motor for turning and milling functions as well as an exclusive C-axis lock system for stable positioning accuracy.

TM Series machines feature an orthogonal rail structure for X, Y and Z axes, and a larger working range which decreases production interference normally caused by the collision of the chuck and tool tip. The TM2500 has 22" of Z-axis travel, and comes standard with a tailstock. The TM2500S includes a sub-spindle and 42" of travel in Z to allow for longer workpieces. Both come with 4,500 RPM 29 HP turning spindles and 2.5" diameter bar capacity. The milling spindle has a +/- 120° B-axis tilting head with 29 HP 12,000 RPM HSK-63T tools (CAPTO C6 is optional). The machines are equipped with a Siemens 840D control, with the FANUC 31i-B5 being an option for the TM2500.

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