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Fully Automatic Single Spindle Honing Solution

Nagel has introduced the fully automatic single spindle ECO Hone H.

"The innovative single spindle horizontal honing machine ECO Hone H sets new standards in flexible honing in the diameter range of 2 mm to 40 mm," said a company spokesperson. "Even multistep honing processes can be processed fully automatically on just a single honing spindle."

Pre- and post-gauging, secondary operations such as brushing, deburring and marking can be performed without manual intervention. Part handling, honing tool change, part fixture change and gauge probe change are fully automated utilizing a robot.

"Complete automation with frequent changeovers for low and medium production volume applications is now a reality," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

Nagel Precision, Inc.

288 Dino Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48103


IMTS North Building, Level 3

Booth 263945

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