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ISO-Specific Insert Geometries

Allied Machine and Engineering will showcase the T-A Pro and T-A Pro M geometry insert, the new ISO-specific insert and other holemaking and hole finishing solutions.

"The T-A Pro drill combines material-specific insert geometries, a redesigned drill body and a proprietary coolant-through system to allow penetration rates that run at speeds nearly 30% faster than other high-performance drills on the market," said a company spokesperson. The drill body incorporates straight flutes designed for maximum coolant flow and increased rigidity, and the material-specific insert geometries produce better chip formation. These insert geometries include:

  • Steel (P) with AM300 coating
  • Cast iron (K) with TiAIN coating
  • Non-ferrous (N) with TiCN coating
  • High-speed steel (X) with AM200 coating.

Adding to the material-specific inserts available for the T-A Pro, Allied will feature the new M geometry insert with AM460 coating, which targets stainless steel and heat-resistant super alloy (HRSA) materials. "With the release of the M geometry and its proprietary margin design, Allied is able to provide a tool that offers low cutting forces, excellent penetration rates and long tool life in challenging stainless and heat-resistant super alloys," said the spokesperson. The new insert geometry produces the best results with the newly designed T-A Pro holders but is also compatible with T-A holders.

The design elements of the T-A Pro M geometry allow larger diameters-1" and above-to be used on smaller or under-powered machines where additional set-ups on other machine tools would be needed or where parts would need to be contracted out.

"The T-A Pro drilling system provides extended tool life, consistently creates quality holes and delivers superior chip evacuation. Because of this, the T-A Pro drill offers machine shops and high production manufacturers a spade drill with incredible speed in addition to a cost per hole averaging 25% less than existing drills," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

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