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Toric Carbide Endmill

Mikron Tool has expanded the CrazyMill Cool P&S milling cutter family, developed for roughing and finishing operations, with a toric version.

The new tool combines the strengths of milling and drilling and is designed for machining stainless steel, titanium, CoCr alloys and superalloys. Like its cylindrical predecessors, this drill/milling cutter can plunge perpendicularly into the material up to 1xd and then continue machining laterally. "It mills slots and pockets in the tightest of spaces with no problem at all. When a corner radius is required, it is in its element. The right tool for each shape," said a company spokesperson.

The toric version is available in the diameter range of 1 mm to 8 mm (.039" to .315") in the following two versions:

  • Typ A: 2.5xd CrazyMill Cool P&S Corner Radius, cutting length 2.5xd, Z3
  • Typ C: 5xd CrazyMill Cool P&S Corner Radius, cutting length 2.0xd, Z3.

"The unique tool is suited for numerous applications, including milling of holes, ramps, pockets, grooves and sides. The milling cutter plunges into materials that are difficult to machine and achieves high precision, stability and excellent cutting parameters," said the spokesperson. "It achieves impressive removal rates, which are possible due to the high cutting and feedrates and an infeed (ae) of 1xd each. The drill milling cutter offers long tool life and excellent surface quality, and this starting from a 1 mm diameter. Compared to commercially available tools, it offers up to 5x higher material removal rate, up to 5x less machining time, up to 5x longer tool life, perfectly controlled chip removal and excellent surface quality Ra ≤ 0.5 µm (20 in µ)."

For more information contact:

Mikron Corp. Monroe

200 Main Street

P.O Box 268

Monroe, CT 06468


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