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Print Parts up to 1 Meter Tall

The FormUp 350 Evolution

AddUp, the metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions provider created by French groups Michelin and Fives, offers the FormUp 350 Evolution. Based on the architecture of the FormUp 350 New Generation machine, this new variant offers an increased manufacturing volume, as well as an architecture focused on reducing nonproductive time. With a print volume of 350 mm x 350 mm x 1,000 mm, the FormUp 350 Evolution can print parts up to one meter high. "This feature will allow many manufacturers to expand the spectrum of applications for L-PBF technology. The smaller build volume compared to other metal processes has historically been one of the main limitations of laser melting machines on powder bed," said a company spokesperson

With the FormUp 350 Evolution and its 185% larger volume, it becomes possible to print parts as large as combustion chambers, aircraft structural elements, missile bodies or even large-capacity heat exchangers in a single operation. The new Evolution machine includes an extension of the Z-axis and a manufacturing enclosure that is nearly identical to the existing FormUp 350 New Generation machine. This allows for total compatibility of recipes and parameters to create production-scale parts with the desired properties. "For industrialists already equipped with New Generation machines, the prospect of launching production on an Evolution machine without any development effort is inviting," said the spokesperson.

No Wait Between Builds

While the manufacturing enclosure is inspired by the FormUp 350 machine, the Evolution machine features an architecture entirely focused on productivity. As printing tall parts traditionally involves long manufacturing times, AddUp engineers have worked to eliminate all nonproductive time in the 3D printing process. The new machine is equipped with an extractible build chamber, which allows for the manufactured part and its build chamber to be removed from the machine immediately after build completion. This preserves the inert environment to guarantee part quality and powder reuse. A new platform can be placed inside the machine as soon as the previous chamber is removed, and the start of the next production can occur. The cooling of the previous build, as well as the vacuuming of the loose powder, can be carried out as a background task rather than taking up machine time, which can save several hours between productions.

Fully Integrated into the FormUp 350 Range

"A 'stretched' version of the FormUp 350 New Generation, the Evolution machine inherits all the characteristics that have made the FormUp range so successful, notably in the aeronautics, defense and medical sectors," said the spokesperson. "Just as with the FormUp 350 New Generation, this new machine offers flexibility with the choice of a roller or scraper recoating device and a number of lasers, up to 4,500 W each. The quality of parts is second-to-none with the help of the 3-axis laser scanner capable of high precision reach to every point on the build plate."

All laser and chamber parameters are completely open, allowing manufacturers to optimize the mechanical characteristics of parts and their surface finish. The FormUp an autonomous powder module and a fume filtration module that prevents the exposure of toxic or explosive substances to operators, even when using reactive powders. This also allows the powder properties to be maintained over the course of many productions, helping ensure that the powder is never exposed to ambient air.

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