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Tool Identification System

The TID System tool identification system from Elbo Controlli establishes an interface between the Elbo Controlli tool presetter and the machine tool NC controller. The TID system features an intuitive graphical user interface that enables operators to eliminate errors during data transfer.

The traditional expensive storage media are replaced with a barcode datamatrix code that uniquely identifies a tool. The code can be applied to a tool with a laser marking system or a printed label. A 2-D datamatrix reader is included with the purchase of the software license. The TID software stores the tool data for each tool in a database. The software updates the tool information during loading and unloading of the tool.

The TID system can interact and acquire data directly from the CNC machines and the tool presetter, making the integration with the machine and tool presetter easy. TID also allows configuration of the format and data mapping for tool identification. It allows full customization to manage different configurations as specified by the machine tool manufacturer.

"The TID software is a cost effective solution that eliminates additional costs associated with the purchase of traditional storage media, multiple electronic scanners and mechanical settings modifications to the CNC machine PLC," said a company spokesperson.

The TID system software can be installed on all advanced Elbo Controlli tool presetters namely Sethy Six, Hathor Six, E46L, E46L TW, 68B and the Amon Ra.

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