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0i-F CNC with Commonality of Design and 15" Display Option

FANUC's new Series 0i-F CNC is the latest generation of the 0i CNC that now has commonality of design to the versatile Series 30i CNC and a 15" display option. The Series 0i-F offers common operability, maintainability and networking options as the Series 30i CNC along with having a highly compatible PMC ladder. According to the company, this translates to easier operation and maintenance across the plant floor.

"The seamless combination of using the same motors, amplifiers, peripheral devices (safety machine operator's panel, I/O module/unit, iPendant, interface unit for handy machine operator's panel) as the Series 30i further simplifies the ease of use and maintenance of the Series 0i-F," said a company spokesperson. "Seamless and common PMC functions among both the 0i-F and 30i-B CNCs include: multi-path PMC, ladder dividing management, function block, multi-language comment and I/O Link i. With an increased axis number of nine total controlled axes for a one path system for both 0i-MD (milling) and 0i-TD (turning) and a two path system now available on the 0i-MF with 11 total controlled axes, the Series 0i-F is more versatile to improve machining performance."

Additional new features on the Series 0i-F include: 15" display, I/O Link i, FSSB high speed rigid tapping, function for loader control, tolerance control, axis name expansion, program folder management, quick program restart, flexible path axis assignment, multi-path PMC function, ladder dividing management, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET.

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