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Book Release: Finding America's Greatest Champion

"Finding America's Greatest Champion" by Terry Iverson

Terry Iverson, President of Iverson & Company and founder of CHAMPION Now!, is releasing a book titled "Finding America's Greatest Champion." The book will be available at IMTS in the Smartforce Student Summit and on the CHAMPION Now! website (

"Many manufacturing companies are trying to increase their production through automation and other means," said Iverson. "However, shop owners also need personnel to set up, program, operate and repair these advanced technology solutions."

While the biggest message in "Finding America's Greatest Champion" is that manufacturing opportunities are going unnoticed in this country, Iverson noted that it also speaks to mentoring and parenting the next generation. "It is always going to be parents and influencers who are going to guide our children to pursue their passions," said Iverson. "We need to make sure that they are exposed to all facets of opportunities, which includes careers in manufacturing and engineering."

For more information contact:

Terry Iverson


IMTS 2018 Level 1, Booth N-215313

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